About The Founders

Whitney Tilson and John Schwartz
Whitney Tilson & John L. Schwartz, MD

The Value Investing Congress and Value Investing Congress Workshops are produced by Schwartz Tilson Information, Inc. (STI). Co-Founders John L. Schwartz, MD and Whitney R. Tilson combine decades of creating and delivering high-quality information with more than 20 years of investing success. Dr. Schwartz is CEO and Mr. Tilson is Chairman Emeritus.

The Value Investing Congress, founded in 2004, is an intensive event where presenters share their unique perspectives and attendees question them directly. The Congress and Workshop are rigorous experiences. They will provide you with many high-quality investment ideas for further investigation as well as the opportunity to learn from the accumulated wisdom of many of the world’s most successful investors.

Each Congress is packed full of investing pearls -- you'll sharpen your analytical skills, learn actionable investment ideas, and leave with valuable insights that will make you a better investor.

“Whether you’re an expert in value investing or want to learn more about the most successful investing style, the Value Investing Congress offers an unparalleled experience. You will gain profitable insights from the world’s most renowned value investors and leave with new skills and ideas to beat the market.”

— John L. Schwartz, MD

“In up markets or down, it is always important to employ disciplined value investing strategies. By focusing on undervalued stocks, investors can take advantage of current opportunities and realize the best long-term gains.”

— Whitney R. Tilson

John Schwartz and Whitney Tilson
John L. Schwartz, MD

is the CEO and
Chairman of STI.
Prior to forming STI, Schwartz founded CME, Inc., a provider of cutting-edge clinical information to medical professionals, which became America's largest proprietary provider of continuing medical education. CME was creating and delivering hundreds of conferences and tradeshows per year when Schwartz sold CME in a 9-figure all-cash transaction.

Educated at MIT, Columbia and NYU, Schwartz is on the Board of Governors of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

John Schwartz and Whitney Tilson
Whitney R. Tilson

is the Founder and Managing Partner of Kase Capital, which manages three value-oriented hedge funds. He is the Co-Founder of Value Investor Insight, co-authored More Mortgage Meltdown and the just-released The Art of Value Investing, and was a contributor to Poor Charlie’s Almanack. Mr. Tilson was featured in a 60 Minutes segment in December 2008 that won an Emmy, and is a CNBC Contributor. He is Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Value Investing Congress.