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Chris Mayer

Chris Mayer a value investor, is the Managing Editor of Agora Financial, one of the largest publishers of independent financial advice with over 1 million readers across its publications. He is the editor & founder of Capital & Crisis, a newsletter focused on global value investing, which he started in 2004 and now has over 20,000 paid subscribers. In 2006, he started Mayer’s Special Situations, which focuses on smaller-cap stocks and special situations. He is the author of Invest Like A Dealmaker: Secrets from a former banking insider, published by Wiley & Sons in 2008 and World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents, in 2012.

He has appeared on CNBC and Fox News. Mayer was a corporate banker for ten years before starting Capital & Crisis. He began his career at Riggs Bank in 1994 as a credit analyst after graduating magna cum laude in finance from the University of Maryland and earning an MBA from the same institution. back


Daily Reckoning
Crowds, Mencken and Wisdom from Two Great Investors

The Daily Reckoning - 05.25.13
The study of crowds has always fascinated people in finance. It’s not hard to understand why. Markets can go to crazy extremes, extremes no one can make sense of. So, one favourite way to explain it away is to say that crowds do dumb things that individuals, upon cooler reflection, would never do.

Daily Reckoning
Exploring Investment Opportunities Beyond the West

The Daily Reckoning - 02.02.13
In 1881, Dakota Territory had never sold a bushel of wheat to anybody outside of Dakota. Six years later, it sold 62 million bushels. What happened? I recently read Garet Garrett's The American Story, which came out in 1955. It is a well-written history of America, unusual because of its emphasis on the...

Shale gas gives rise to era of energy independence

MarketWatch - 12.05.11
And “the shale gas revolution is still in its early phases,” said Chris Mayer, editor of Capital & Crisis. “Technology itself is still improving by leaps and bounds”, with productivity of drilling rigs soaring and costs dropping. “It’s an absolute game changer for U.S. energy.”

Daily Reckoning
The Coffee Can Portfolio

The Daily Reckoning - 02.23.13
'Have you ever heard of the coffee can portfolio?' I was having lunch with Preston Athey, the outstanding investor behind T. Rowe Price's Small-Cap Value Fund when he asked me this question. I had heard of it, which I think surprised him a little because I was only 12 years old when it came out, and it is not a mainstream idea.

Water: vital to life and an investment essential

MarketWatch - 03.30.12
“People have no idea how much water it takes to make, say, a pair of jeans,” said Chris Mayer, editor of Capital & Crisis, pointing out that a pair of blue jeans will consume over 900 gallons of water in its lifetime, including everything from the water to irrigate the cotton crop to multiple washings of the jeans.


Chris Mayer on How to Pick Stocks

StansberryMedia - 01.16.13

Chris Mayer, editor of the acclaimed Capital & Crisis newsletter, talks about one of his favorite emerging markets to invest in right now. He shares his methodology for how to pick stocks and shares some of his favorite small-cap ideas.
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Expert Interview #2: Chris Mayer

Vimeo - January, 2012

Agora regulars know that top financial expert Chris Mayer left behind a ten-year career in corporate banking to reveal the truth behind financing secrets in the markets. You've seen Chris appear in everything from MarketWatch and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to the Huffington Post. In his interview, you'll discover the hidden gold and silver value plays most investors are about to miss.
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Chris Mayer Interviewed on RT’s Capital Account

Agora Financial - 10.15.12

Chris Mayer appeared on RT’s Capital Account with Lauren Lyster today to discuss Myanmar’s (Burma’s) currency, the Fed and America’s “depression-proof” banks.
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