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Having started Cannell Capital in 1992 with $600,000 as a sole partnership, Carlo Cannell sent $488 million back to investors over several years starting in 2004. A liberal arts major (Princeton), he is a third generation investment manager whose style is malleable – he is a fox, not a hedge hog.back


Carlo Cannell Adds to Valuevision Media Position: 13G Filing

Marketfolly - 10.19.12
Carlo Cannell's investment firm Cannell Capital has just filed a 13G with the SEC on Valuevision Media (VVTV). Per the filing, Cannell has revealed a 5.05% ownership stake in VVTV with shares.

Market Folly
Notes from the Value Investing Congress

MarketFolly - 10.14.10
The fund manager's presentation was named after 'Megaloceros Giganteus,' or an Irish elk that became extinct. Cannell says that over a long enough timeline, all companies will die and his talk zeroed in on a company he believes to be on the verge of extinction. He is short Pitney Bowes (PBI), a company that he says has an obsolete business model. There has been a decline in mail demand and this is hurting the mail processing equipment company.

Chicago Tribune
J. Carlo Cannell: Investor set for proxy fight with Niles-based MFRI

Chicagotribune.com - 04.06.09
If it's open season on corporate executives, J. Carlo Cannell is a man for the times, and sleepy MFRI Inc. his unlikely target. Listening to the California hedge-fund activist, you might think he's talking about the notorious AIG instead of this quiet manufacturer of filters and piping based in the lunch-bucket suburb of Niles. On the surface, MFRI looks plenty solid, operating profitably in an attractive corner of the industrial marketplace.

J Carlo Cannell and Steller's Sea Cow

Greenbackd - 12.07.11
J. Carlo Cannell runs Cannell Capital, the long/short activist investment firm he founded in 1992 with just $600,000 under management. Cannell's ideas are as unconventional as the man himself - he's a Princeton liberal arts major, then freelance journalist in Fiji - and he describes himself as a "fox, not a hedge hog".

Hedge Fund Letters
Hedge Fund Letters

Cannel Capital Profile
Cannell Capital LLC – an employee owned long/short market neutral equity hedge fund was founded by J. Carlo Cannell in 1992. Prior to founding the investment firm, Cannell worked for San Francisco based investment bank Dakin Securities as an analyst. Cannell is essentially a value-oriented manager that typically invests in small capitalization listed companies and aims to achieve superior returns under the premise that inefficient markets offer grater returns potential than efficient ones. The hedge fund manager believes less than perfect distribution of information creates opportunities for above-average returns.

ValueVision Media Inc. (NASDAQ:VVTV)

Greenbacked - 12.10.08
The company is currently conducting an auction expected to close in February 2009. The auction has uncovered a number of interested bidders, including GE Capital Equity Investments (most recent 13D filing here), which owns 13.7% of the company. Activist investor Carlo Cannell of Cannell Capital LLC has disclosed an interest in the company and has also sent a number of entertaining letters to the CEO (which we’ve reproduced below).